• FRED Award Winners for March Honored


    For a principal to succeed at a school it almost always requires strong behind the scenes support of a good secretary.

    That’s why it’s appropriate that the FRED award winners for March honor those two jobs.

    Justin Davis, Principal at Flynn Elementary and Jason Heisler, Secretary to the Principal at Metz Elementary were recognized before the Board of Education for their commitment to the students and their communities.

    Davis was honored as a principal who has a heart for kids and isn't afraid to show it.

    His nomination letter continued:

    “Mr. Davis is always willing to help someone in need and go the extra mile. He is the first to volunteer and always does a great job. His kindness is truly contagious. He is an authentic leader who serves as an example for others. He is a person of integrity who keeps his word and a friend to everyone. His professionalism serves as a model.”

    Jason Heisler was described as someone who sends a positive message to people whether in the office or speaking on the telephone. He has a background in the performing arts and it shows.

    A part of his nomination letter reads:

    “Jason manages to greet and speak to students and parents without any diversion or notion that other matters are pressing.   Jason gives his complete attention to students and parents and they never feel rushed or slighted.   He goes out of his way to make students and parents feel as though they are the only thing that matters, and that it is his mission to resolve and address any concerns or questions.”   

    The “Fred Award” was created last year as a way to honor Education Support Professionals across the District. It’s named after a mailman profiled in the book The Fred Factor who consistently did more than his job description required.

    If you would like to acknowledge someone who provides excellent customer service, go to Fred@adams50.org to write your nomination. Continue to read the Insider for updates on future winners.

    Posted April 11, 2016