• Skyline Vista ‘Celebrates the Beat’

    celebrate the beat

    Three weeks of creativity and very hard work more than paid off for students of Skyline Vista Elementary with a concert performance that wowed parents, family and friends.

    “Celebrate the Beat” (CTB) is a nonprofit education organization that provides in-school and after-school dance programs for students that focus on both physical and mental agility. The program, which operates across the state, spends three weeks at a school preparing students for a final concert for the community.

    Skyline Vista’s concert was performed on March 25th.

    CTB was created as an offshoot of the National Dance Institute in New York and operates with the belief that the arts are a valuable way to engage children and teach them about excellence. According to the CTB website the organization teaches, “high energy, joyful, physically and mentally demanding classes that instill confidence, pride, work ethic, and a mentality of never giving up.”

    “It was really exciting to watch this program,” said Emily Jacobs, Wellness Coordinator for Westminster Public Schools. “The students got a really good heart healthy workout, were having fun and were so focused, all while learning to choreograph dance moves and about the systems of the body.”

    The program at Skyline Vista was made possible by a generous grant from Kaiser Permanente.

    The video below takes you behind the scenes as the students prepare for the big show. You can also watch the performance in its entirety.

    Posted April 11, 2016