• Outstanding ESP Employees Named


    Wendy Metcalf, Lana Price, Michele Swank and Anette Walters have been named Outstanding Educational Support Professionals for the 2015-16 school year. All four have devoted their lives to working with elementary school children and preparing them for success in life.

    The women were nominated by their school principals and will be honored at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, May 24th.


    Wendy Metcalf - Special Services Assistant - Mesa Elementary School

    Wendy is a thoughtful and caring teacher to all students at Mesa. She has a calming nature about her that makes students feel good about themselves. Wendy will always volunteer to help any student or staff member at Mesa who needs help. Wendy comes to Mesa every day with a positive attitude and a warm, caring smile on her face. Confident, kind, patient, senstive, hardworking, calm, restpectful, knowledgeable: This is who Wendy Metcalf is.


    Lana Price - Special Services Assistant - Sunset Ridge Elementary

    Lana is a true team player. She does a nice job ascertaining issues that are affecting the students she supports. She has great relations with her colleagues and she puts forth the effort to get to know our parent community as well. By listening to and sharing her own perspectives with others, Lana is better able to understand her role within the school. Sunset Ridge student achievement data confirms that intervention support from Lana is effective and has benefited students.


    Michele Swank - Secretary to Principal - Skyline Vista Elementary

    Integrity, dedication, kindness, organized and energetic. These words describe Michele Swank. She has been the front office staple at Skyline Vista for twenty years. She goes above and beyond at our school as she puts students first and is always trying better our school. I receive so many positive comments from parents saying they have never received better customer service than what Michele gives them. In fact, many of our families stay and do not go to rival charter schools and such because of the way we treat families with respect and dignity… and this all starts and ends with Michele.


    Annette Walters - Secretary to Principal - F.M. Day Elementary

    Annette has remarkable dedication, patience, and stamina in leading our office. Despite many changes, transitions, and training yet another new principal, she is still super positive and does an excellent job. Annette goes above and beyond the expected norm of the district because she does not seem to view her job as just something she has to do but rather something she loves to do. She loves F.M. Day and says that all the time.

    Posted May 23, 2016