• ‘Daniels Scholar’ Brandon Dickerson Headed to School of Mines


    You could say that Brandon Dickerson had a pretty good senior year.

    He played a critical role in his football team’s undefeated regular season.

    He was named Homecoming King.

    He graduated fifth in his class.

    Brandon He was recently named a Daniels Scholar, meaning his college education at the Colorado School of Mines is paid for.

    Still, for all his accomplishments, he’s quick to praise others.

    “Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way,” he told the Board of Education during this month’s meeting. “I’ve been going to this district a very long time, and the fact that I won this award is amazing.”

    And while Brandon’s senior year was full of highlights, he also says he learned a lot about himself during the downtimes. Injured while playing football, he spent a part of the season on the sidelines.

    He recently told the school newspaper “Wolf Pride” what he learned about himself this year. “Everyone fails at some point, but everyone can unlock the drive to push through and come back from adversity. It was through my biggest fails in life that I learned to get up and fight for what I desire.”

    Congratulations Brandon!

    Posted May 23, 2016