• Here are the general links you might find useful in this class:


    Westminster Public Schools: Click here to access the district website.

    Library: Click here to access the Shaw Heights library system where you can search for books.

    Empower: Click here to get to your Empower site.

    WIDA Can-do descriptors: Click here to get more information about the WIDA expectations for your student. Your student must receive 5 or above in listening, speaking, reading and writing on the ACCESS test, which will take place in January. Your child has received the most recent scores we have for him or her. Discuss those scores and what areas the student should work on to improve his or her language skills to become fluent in all areas!

    To find the right PDF to look at the Can-Do Descriptors:

    • In the right column, find "Can Do Descriptors, Original Edition Grades 6-8"
    • Click on the PDF icon at the right.
    • It should pull up a new window with that PDF.


    Classroom links:


    Students may access links for projects through this page. Those links will show up below as they are needed.

    Newcomers: Oct. 20: 

    Read about Naomi's story here