Meet Ms. Piburn

  •      I have lived in Colorado my entire life. I grew up in Arvada, not far from Shaw Heights. I have 2 sons that I enjoy spending my free time with. My oldest is a musician, playing the bass guitar, guitar, and drums. He is a member of a rock band, so I get to see him perform. My younger son is an athlete, basketball player, and tennis player., and he runs hurdles in track I love being involved in theri activities.


          29 years ago I began my teaching career in Westminster Public Schools at Vista Grande Elementary. I've loved this community from the beginning. After many years of teaching elementary school, I wanted to focus on math. My goal is give students a love of learning and a love of math. So many people have a fear of math. I want to help students find their success in math and build their confidence. Math is everywhere - the more confidencr students have, the more success they'll have in life.