Student Data Privacy

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  • Data Protection Addendum (DPA)

    Westminster Public Schools ensures the protection of student data through vendor contract negotiations. Since July 2016, WPS has required vendors to sign a Data Protection Addendum (DPA) to prohibit student data mining or targeting marketing while requiring industry standards for encryption and security. As new district contracts are signed and contracts are renewed, the DPA is put in place. The goal is to ensure that all vendors (including teacher-initiated classroom based tools) are either subject to a negotiated contract with the DPA or covered by new state or federal legislation regulating vendor practices.

    • Employees: When renewing a contract with a vendor, contact Technology Services for the current addendum if there is not a DPA signed by this vendor.

    Data Definitions 

    For a list of the state's data definitions related to HB-16-1423, visit our data dictionary on Google Docs here.

    Board Policies

    WPS has two policies regarding the privacy and protection of student information. Please see the policies on Boarddocs below:

  • Approved Software Vendors

    The Approved Software Vendor list provides the names of vendors that have signed the district's DPA mentioned above. The signed addendum is required when a negotiated contract is involved. The Data Protection Agreement is required when there is no master contract involved. To maintain efficiences in the classroom, the Approved Software Vendor list excludes teacher-initiated classroom tools (click-through contracts). However, it is the teacher's responsibility to read and understand all click-through terms before accepting.

    Click-Through Contracts

    Click-through contracts are the agreements you see before installing an app or extension in your Internet browser, or before installing an online program. WPS does not currently require a signed DPA or Data Protection Agreement for teacher-initiated (or click-through) contracts.
    To ensure compliancy with the student data privacy best practices and the new Colorado Student Data Privacy (HB-16-1423) law, Technology Services maintains a list of click-through online tools used in the classroom. If you need to add an online tool to the list, complete these two steps:
    1. Complete our digital tools form
    2. Employees, submit a Helpdesk ticket to request your tool be added to the list and be made available

    Research Projects

    Westminster Public Schools participates in ongoing Research Studies with local partners to evaluate programs, instruction, and curriculum. All research projects include carefully crafted methods for maintaining security and confidentiality of all student data during and following the conclusion of each project. Click here for a list of current Research Projects WPS is participating in.