• Westy Kids Win Big in National BizInnovator Competition




    A major award for Westminster High School students who took second place placed in the National BizInnovator Entrepreneurship competition, winning a $1000 award for their business startup plan.

    Students Victor Cedillo, Cole Lewton, Ashton Rasmussen and Cody Wells pitched the idea of a solar powered phone charger that utilizes recycled water bottles to create their product.  The judges loved the idea and encouraged the students to take the idea to the next level.

    The students had three minutes to pitch the idea to the judges via Zoom Video Conference and then the five judges asked a series of questions.   It’s similar to the televised ‘Shark Tank’ show which requires contestants to project confidence and think on their feet.

    “Amazing,” was how Cole Lewton described the competition and his reaction to the email informing him that he and his class mates had won.

    The BizInnovator program was developed by the University of Iowa and is sponsored by the Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship.   It was created to stimulate and strengthen the minds of young people who are interested in pursuing careers in business and innovation.

    There were hundreds of applicants and just three cash prizes, so it was quite an accomplishment.

    Congratulations to all students involved, we look forward to seeing great things from them and all the kids at WPS.