Full-Day Preschool

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    Thank you for your interest in full-day preschool.
    Westminster Public Schools is partnering with CU Boulder to explore whether its students would be more successful in school if they had the option to attend full-day preschool rather than half-day. All full-day preschool classes within the district are part of the research study and space is limited. In order to offer all applicants a fair chance at being selected to enroll in full day preschool, admissions are based on a lottery.  

    Upon submission of a completed application, participants will be randomly selected to attend for a full day. If your child is not selected, WPS will try to secure a half day placement for your student. 


  • Full-day preschool is being offered at the following school sites for the 2017-18 school year as a part of the research study. To enroll your child, contact us for more information. 

Questions? Contact Our Team!

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    ECE Administrative Assistant

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