Toddlers (Red Room)

picture of the toddler classroom
  • Our Program

    The focus of our program is to provide high-quality, supportive environments to help with your toddler’s development. The transition from infancy to being a young toddler is supported as they become more mobile. Our classroom reflect encourages movement, and outside play occurs daily in all kinds of weather.

    Nurturing relationships continue to be the foundation of our toddler program. We provide a consistent commitment to individualized schedules and transitions to nap, feeding and diapering. Toddlers are paired with a primary educator, which is important to help build trust and relationships. At this age, we begin to see circle time emerge spontaneously throughout the day.

    Toddlers in our classrooms are often found:

    • Exploring their environment and practicing their new skills of climbing, walking, running, and standing
    • Skilled at carrying and lifting, pushing and pulling objects
    • Learning new strategies to anticipate what is coming next, and successfully manage their daily routines
    • Engaging in a variety of activities such as songs, rhymes, dances, storytime and sign language


young boy playing with blocks
  • Student Ages

    18 to 36 months


    7:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
    Monday thru Friday