Resources & Program Information

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    • We provide breakfast, lunch and a snack along with juice or milk daily for all our students.
    • Lunches and infant formula/breastmilk are to be provided by families.
    • All meals must meet USDA nutritional standards and be well-balanced age appropriate foods. A fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and serving of dairy make a well rounded meal.
    • Allergies:
      • If your child has allergies, please discuss them in detail with the teacher and director.
      • For food allergies, a written description signed by parent and doctor must be on file and updated every year. The staff of the center will take appropriate precautions.
      • It is the ELC policy that if a student in the classroom has a severe food allergy, the afflicting food is not allowed in the classroom. Notices will be posted if there is an allergy present. Your cooperation is appreciated to keep our children safe.   
      • If at any time your child develops an allergy, please let us know immediately. 


    All children are required to have the following information on file. Enrollment is not complete without these documents:

    • Current immunizations
    • Current physical
    • Birth certificate

    Notice of Withdrawl

    The center requires a 30-day written notice of your intent to withdraw your child from the center. If we do not receive this notice, tuition will be automatically charged.

    Student-to-Teacher Ratio

    Ratio of Children to Teachers Per Classroom

    Classroom Number of Teachers Number of Students
    4 years old 2 Teachers 16 Preschoolers
    Young Preschool    
    3 years old 2 Teachers 16 Preschoolers
    18 to 36 months 2 Teachers 16 Preschoolers
    3 to 18 month 2 Teachers 16 Preschoolers