• Student Success Starts With Parents

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    Parents of Scott Carpenter Middle School students are headed back to the classroom to find out how they can help their children succeed in life.

    The motto: Now Anything is Possible!

    About 200 parents are participating in a pilot program at Scott Carpenter called PASS, Parent Academy for Student Success. The group meets once a week over a nine-week period to focus on ways to help their children graduate from high school and then go on to college or pursue meaningful careers. The PASS program looks at topics ranging from teen challenges and study habits to paying for college.

    Parents and WPS staff meet for inaugural PASS meeting. The group held their kick off meeting last week.

    Gilbert Sanchez is one of the parents who attended the first meeting. He enrolled in the program because he believes his daughter has unlimited potential and envisions her someday becoming a doctor or a lawyer.

    “She loves to read,” he proudly told the group of parents, but admits that middle school students have many obstacles on the road to success. “I’m concerned about all the temptations for young people outside of academics,” he said.

    PASS is based on the hugely successful PIQE program, being run in California. The Parent Institute for Quality Education has graduated more than 600 thousand parents over the past 30 years. Studies show that for parents who complete the program, 93% of their children graduate from high school. About 80% of those high school graduates go onto college.

    Two members of the PIQE team came to Scott Carpenter for the opening meetings. Their message focused on encouragement and responsibility.

    “These dreams are real and we can overcome all of those obstacles with information,” Mildred Gains told the audience, quickly adding, “We can’t do it without the parent involvement.”

    Leaders from the WHS Future Center and the WPS Office of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness reached out to PIQE after seeing their proven track record of success with students and families. “We had a team look closely at their work and training and all of the team members instantly realized how powerful it is and how it fits the needs of our families,” said Sandra Steiner, Director Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness.

    It’s not too late to sign up for the remaining PASS programs for this spring. If you are a parent interesting in participating, contact Whitney Allen at wallen@westminsterpublicschools.org or call 303-657-3895.

    The work with Scott Carpenter Middle School is only a start.

    Next year PASS will be expanded to include Westminster High School and a second middle school.