• February FRED Winners Honored

    Susana Zubia Lopez and Adams County Sheriff Deputy Andrew Hadley have been named the February winners of the FRED award given to employees who make a difference in the work they do for Westminster Public Schools. Both were nominated by coworkers.

    They were honored by the Board of Education during last week’s meeting.

    FRED Award Susana Lucero

    Susana Zubia Lopez - CLDE Administrative Assistant

      Susana was nominated by Aylane Dibildox, Coordinator with the Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Department. Dibildox wrote:

      "In her more than 15 years of service with the district, Susana has been an invaluable member of our community. Time and time again Susana has supported parents through translation, interpretation, and moral support. She has helped raise funds for schools and sports teams. She is always available when students and staff need to talk. Through her role as Administrative Assistant for the CLDE Division, Susana has stayed late to help plan for parent meetings and conferences and is always willing to lend a helping hand with anything that is needed."

    FRED award winner deputy hadley

    Deputy Andrew Hadley - School Resource Officer for Ranum Middle School and Sherrelwood, Fairview and Metz Elementary Schools

      Deputy Hadley was nominated by the principals of the four schools. They wrote:

      "He has a heart for students and authentically cares about their success in school and life. He is an exceptional role model, often drawing from his own personal experiences to model perseverance. Deputy Hadley has outstanding customer service, not only for our staff, but also for our families. He goes out of his way to support families with resources and opportunities such as music lesson, etc. and builds positive relationships with the students. He is always professional in his delivery and continues to invest in the safety of our community.

    The FRED Award is named after a Colorado mailman profiled in the book The Fred Factor who consistently did more than his job description required.

    The monthly award honors education support professionals who do extraordinary work in Westminster Public Schools. In addition to public recognition, the recipients received a copy of the book The Fred Factor, a lapel pin and an engraved trophy.

    If you would like to acknowledge someone who provides excellent customer service, email your nomination to Fred@westminsterpublicschools.org. Continue to read the What’s Up WPS for updates on future winners.