• STEM Students Get a Look at Virtual Classrooms

    Colorado STEM Academy Principal Brenda Martin summed it up best, "instead of students going on a field trip to somewhere else, the field trip comes to them."

    It’s called the zSpace Mobile Classroom, and before Spring Break this lab on wheels rolled into the parking lot at Colorado STEM Academy for students and staff to evaluate whether the district should make it part of the curriculum. Click here to read more on this event.

    No decisions have been made so far.

    zSpace is definitely a new way of teaching. With the use of zSpace glasses and a stylus, the classroom becomes an interactive 3-D environment. For instance, parts of the human body can be viewed from a variety of angles, almost as if it were being held in your hand.

    This week’s What’s Up WPS video above takes you inside the mobile lab so you can see how it works and what students have to say about it.

    More details on the program can be found online at zspace.com.