• How can I keep my Fairview student safe?

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    Great question families!  Nowadays, there is more risk than the norm.  Although keeping your children off of their scooters, skateboards, and shoes with wheels while at school is a great safety measure, we have a few more things to think about in 2020-2021.     

    • Students and staff who feel ill are required to STAY HOME.
    • All students and staff will be required to wear masks or other facial coverings.
    • No family members will be allowed past the entry or the blacktop.
    • Students will be placed in smaller groups with teachers going to the student when possible and/or practicable.
    • Social distancing will be observed and practiced to the fullest level possible.  For instance, bell schedules are staggered to minimize traffic in the hallway.
    • Regular hand washing is required.
    • The number of shared items is reduced.
    • Enhanced cleaning and decontamination happens every day, all day.

    Remind your children to practice the 3 W’s of WPS.

    1. Wear A Mask. 

    2. Wash Your Hands.

    3. Watch Your Distance. 


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