• Recording & Reporting

    We use technology to provide data to teachers, helping them improve student learning. The Empower tool helps teachers and families track real-time information about student progress.

    Watch the video below in English and Spanish to learn more about the Empower Parent Portal:


  • Empower Parent Portal:

    Student and Parent Homepage

    Empower gives families a view of their student's progress. Helpful information includes:


    • Overall progress in each subject 
    • Missing assignments 
    • Work that could be improved
  • Target Browser:

    Student and Parent Target Browser

    Families are able to easily monitor student scores and progress with the target browser tool.

    Teachers use the same tool to plan instruction and find out where students may need more support.

  • Competency Tracker:

    An example of a primary level competency tracker document


    It is important that students and families know as early as possible if a student is on track for graduation.

    The WPS competency tracker shows how students are progressing through school. It also shows how their work today can influence their goals and future.