Our all school STEM field trip to Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • STEM provides a rigorous well-rounded education with a special focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Employers say that many of today’s young students are not prepared for the jobs of the future because they lack the technical skills and discipline required in the competitive 21st century economy.


    Colorado STEM Academy is a learning environment centered on science, technology, tngineering and math (STEM). It is a project based academy where students learn how the sciences work together and blend with reading, writing and the arts to bring success to collaborative projects.


    While a typical elementary school might have a computer lab used by the entire student body, Colorado STEM Academy provides students with one-to-one technology. Every student will have access to technology devices which may be in the form of an iPad®, Chromebook® or HP® Laptop with graphic design software. Classrooms are equipped with interactive projectors, white boards, and students are able to participate in progressive instruction with the use of individual wireless responders.


    Student labs have been designed to incorporate technology like laser engravers and 3-D printers with an interactive, open space environment. Furniture can be adapted from single workstations to group meeting space to multi-student work pods. These labs have been planned to encourage interaction and inspire students to share information. They develop lifelong social and communication skills that employers say many graduating students now lack.