• Colorado STEM Academy opened August 2013 serving grades 3 to 6. Colorado STEM began serving students in grades PreK-8 beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

    Students applying are not required to live within the Westminster Public Schools boundaries to qualify for enrollment. Colorado STEM Academy is a magnet school that parents and students choose to attend. Students are admitted only if they meet certain standards in reading and math.

    There will be an equitable selection process, such as a lottery, to determine who will be enrolled if more students apply than there are openings. Colorado STEM Academy will hold a lottery in the Spring to determine placement on the waiting list for all grade levels.

    All students and parents who feel Colorado STEM Academy will be a good fit are encouraged to apply. Submitting an application does not guarantee admission.


    To apply to Colorado STEM Academy you must complete and submit an application for each student.

    Thank you for your interest in our school programming and for your patience during our application process. At Colorado STEM Academy, we strongly believe in a robust screening process in order to ensure that all of our new students are successful members of our learning community. Our program is fun and engaging but very rigorous. In order to ensure that students succeed in this program, we feel it’s necessary for both parents and students to understand the commitments necessary in order to be successful.

    The following is a checklist of the materials we will need from parents in order to process the application. Please note the descriptors in italics as not all items will be necessary depending on if the student is a current Westminster Public Schools (WPS) student or an external transfer.

     In the event that you cannot acquire any of the following materials, please make sure and notify us at the building. We may be able, through records requests, to secure the materials for you! We don’t want your application held up while you look for some of these items!

    Step One: Complete the Online application, Spanish application.

    Step Two: Deliver the following application materials to the Colorado STEM Academy office located at 7281 Irving Street during office hours from 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday.

    In-District Applicants

    1.  Colorado STEM Academy Application


    2.   Assesment records- we can pull from in district schools


    3.   Attendance/Behavioral records/IEPS/504s


    4.Student writing sample (in application packet)


    5. Teacher Recommendation form (in application packet) 


    6. Parent/student contract


    7. schedule a screening for your child ONLY if they are going to Kindergarten or Level 1


    Out of District Applicants

    1. Colorado STEM Academy Application


    2.  Assesment records


    3.   Attendance/Behavioral records/IEPS/504s


    4. Student writing sample (in application packet)


    5.Teacher recommendation form (in application packet)


    6. Parent/student contract


    7. Schedule a screening for your child



    To begin the online application process, please clickOnline Application packetSpanish Application packet

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