• Title I District Level Parent Involvement Plan


    Westminster Public Schools endorses meaningful partnerships among schools, parents, family caregivers and the community. Westminster Public Schools and its schools promote effective parent involvement in:

    • Open and transparent communication                      
    • School level decision-making
    • Support and Advocacy of Student Achievement      
    • Volunteering
    • Student learning and progress monitoring                
    • Community collaboration & partnerships


    The Title I District Level Parent Involvement Plan is jointly developed with parents and is aligned to Westminster Public School’s Parent Involvement Policy and outlines efforts to involve parents in the district’s activities.

    The Office of Title I would like to thank parents and administrative staff for their partnership and input in developing this document.


    Westminster Public Schools communicates information to parents:

    • Through the district website, district newsletters, the automated phone messaging system, the system-wide calendar, progress reports, parent workshops, and the Board community engagements.


    • About reading, writing and mathematical standards and schools’ performance on Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). 
    • About Title I requirements through the use of school-level Parent Involvement Plans and School-Parent Compacts.


    • In languages that parents can understand through translation and interpreting services provided by the Office of Translation Team.



    Westminster Public Schools provides opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s education by:

    • Participating in school improvement teams, parent involvement committees, academic tutoring, curriculum support initiatives, and career awareness activities.
    • Joining organized stakeholder groups such as Parent/Teacher Organizations ( PTO), Wolf Westminster HS Parent Advisory Committee (Wolf PAC), area advisory councils, , Building Accountability Advisory Committees and District Accountability Advisory Committee.
    • Becoming a classroom helper and providing clerical/front office/library/cafeteria support at their child’s school.
    • For more information, please call your child’s school!

    Westminster Public Schools values parents’ input in decision-making and their advocacy for their child’s education through:

    • Annual school-level meetings held with parent representatives to review, provide feedback, evaluate, and make revisions to district and school-level parent involvement plans.
    • Regularly scheduled Board of Education meetings where citizens are encouraged to offer their input and suggestions.
    • Monthly School Board meetings where parents and constituents are encouraged to give suggestions on the operating and capital budgets.
    • Annual meetings for parents to review the Parent/Guardian and Family Involvement Policy.

     Westminster Public Schools promotes parenting and student learning through:

    • Having Community Liaison assistance in schools to support communication in Parent-Teacher or family matters.
    • Publishing student academic expectations and standards-based curriculum through the Westminster Public Schools wiki, wiki.westminsterpublicschools.org
    • The Empower, which strengthens parents’ ability to monitor and assist their child with progress monitoring and learning targets completion. Parents can register to use Empower at their home schools.
    • The Westminster Public Schools public access television on Channel 54. The schedule is available at the following web site: http://www.adams50.org

    Effective parent-school partnerships by:

    • Providing presentations to school staff on topics such as Effective Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, available at www.westminsterpublicschools.org
      Communicating with Parents — Challenges and Solutions, Establishing a Welcoming Environment, and Understanding Demographics.
    • Offering early literacy and adult literacy opportunities to families through the parent workshops, adult English language courses and preschool programs, and by partnering with Westminster Public Libraries, Hyland Hills Recreation and Parks, Adams County family support agencies and other community organizations.
    • Utilizing Title IX (Homeless and At-risk) Coordinator, who assists with student/family issues and works with school staff in providing parent materials to support learning at home and ensuring collaboration in addressing individual student needs.
    • Survey parents to collect input on how school staff can better reach out to and communicate with parents as equal partners.


    If you have any additional questions about how Westminster Public Schools Title I Office supports parental involvement initiatives or Title IX family resources, please contact:

    Linda Kister, Director of Federal, State and Special Grants 
    Office: (720) 542-5077

    Deborah Escobar, Title I Administrative Assistant
    Office: (720) 542-5008

    Jamie Skaronea, Title IX Coordinator
    Office: (720) 542-5379

    For more details or information please visit the Title IX web page.


    Return feedback to Title I office at descobar@westminsterpublicschools.org

Last Modified on August 31, 2017