• If you are undocumented or have DACA status, there are options for you to go to college!

    Undocumented/DACA students can first qualify for in-state tuition and in-state financial aid through a program called ASSET. To qualify for ASSET, you must:

    • Have attended a Colorado high school for 3+ years (this may include an ASCENT year).
    • Graduate from a Colorado high school or earn your GED in Colorado.
    • Be accepted into a Colorado college within 12 months of graduating from high school or earning your GED.

    If you meet these qualifications, you must contact your college's financial aid office to ask about what forms they require for ASSET students. You must complete these forms to get in-state tuition and/or financial aid. Please contact the Future Center with help on these forms, we would be happy to help!

    All undocumented students, regardless of ASSET eligibility, should also apply for individual scholarships. Any scholarship that does not require citizenship and/or FAFSA/Pell eligibility is a scholarship you should apply for! Please see the list below for scholarship recommendations.

Undocumented or DACA Students