Middle School Process

  • From December to February of every year, counselors from the Future Center and Westminster High School will visit eighth grade classrooms to provide information about graduation requirements, special programs and elective options.


    During this process, eighth grade students complete a four-year Future Plan which will be updated throughout high school.


    All WPS 8th graders will complete a course plan during the Spring with the help of their middle school, high school, and Future Center counselors. New students will also have the opportunity to create a course plan during the Spring. 

High School Process

  • From December to February of every year, students will receive information about course options and have an opportunity to make changes to their Future Plan in preparation for a counselor visit through their AE classroom.

    Counselors will review each plan and provide guidance on appropriate courses to meet student’s goals, and will offer ways to explore goals more deeply through experiences outside of high school, such as job shadowing, internship, field trips, concurrent enrollment. Students will also formulate postsecondary pathways and goals that align with high school course-planning.

    Here is an example of a completed four-year course plan.

    If you are a returning student who would like to update your course plan prior to the spring, please visit the Future Center. Click here for for a list of all current classes offered at WHS to assist in course planning.