Military & Armed Forces

  • While in high school, we encourage our students interested in a military career to take the following steps:

    • Be in touch with your branch recruiter or admissions officer for military academies. Recruiters regularly visit schools, engage in weekly workouts, and provide crucial information.
    • Consider joining Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps at Westminster High School. AF JROTC is a character development program that educates and trains high school cadets in leadership, management, community service, responsibility, and self discipline, as well as air and space fundamentals. However, JROTC is not a recruiting program.
    • Take the ASVAB. This is a military entrance exam. The higher the score, the more branches of military you will be eligible to join! The PSAT and SAT is great preparation for this important test, and is also used in admissions decisions for military academies.

    Connect with the following military branches to learn more about scholarships and career opportunities: