Fraud Reporting Form

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You must provide our office with your disclosure election. Your selection of one of the three filing options below implies you have reviewed the provided information and understand the choice you are making. If you have any questions concerning this, please review the FAQ's here. Please keep in mind that your decision to elect anonymity may limit our ability to conduct an inquiry, if one is warranted, or to appropriately address your issue. In the event our office needs to contact you for additional information or clarification, please provide an e-mail or physical address and/or telephone number where you feel comfortable in accepting our contact. Your complaint cannot be processed without your election below.


  I understand that if the Director of Finance determines the allegation(s) in my complaint cannot be investigated without disclosing my identity on a need-to-know basis to organizations outside Westminster Public Schools, my lack of consent may prevent further action from being taken on my complaint. I further understand that even if I elect confidential status, my identity may be disclosed, if required by applicable legal authority, or the Director of Finance determines that such disclosure is otherwise unavoidable.

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