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    Mission: The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) team thoughtfully acts upon the imperative to empower students through high-quality language development and best practices in academic support. We create a culture of equity, inclusion, collaboration and professionalism to foster success in the school system and beyond.

    Vision: After a successful academic experience, our students will enter the global community as self-advocating citizens bringing a myriad of skills and contributions including cultural and linguistic diversity as a clear and constant asset.  

    Program Priorities

    • All schools will implement English-language development program models with a focus on access, equity and quality.
    • All elementary schools will utilize the On Our Way to English textbook as a primary resource for language learning.
    • All secondary schools will utilize the iLit literacy program as a primary resource for language learning.
    • The effective acquisition of academic English to promote student achievement will be a priority within the Competency Based System.
    • Assessment will determine each student’s progress in attaining English proficiency (including the level of comprehension, speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills) and student achievement in academic standards.
    • Instruction and accountability will be based on body of evidence data related to student performance.
    • All CLDE instructional staff will be fully licensed and endorsed to serve our students, and they will recieve ongoing professional development.
    • Parents will be encouraged and provided with opportunities to actively collaborate with schools to support their child’s learning.


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