• Tardy Policy

    Tardiness is a form of absenteeism that disrupts the learning process for individual students as well as the learning environment for every student in the classroom. In an effort to ensure that all Mesa students progress academically, the Building Accountability Advisory Committee (BAAC) made up of teachers, parent, classified staff, and the principal have worked to develop a new tardy policy.

    The tardy policy is as follows:

    • Each student will be allowed 2 excused tardies each quarter (9 weeks) of school. (An excused tardy requires a note or phone call from a parent or guardian.)

    • When a student is tardy the 3rd time in a quarter, a letter will be mailed to the student's parents.

    • After the 2nd tardy in the same quarter, all other tardies will be considered unexcused regardless of the reason. (Parent notes or phone calls will not excuse the tardy.)

    • A student will then be allowed 2 excused tardies for the next quarter (9 weeks) of school.

    • Students who come to school late and receive an unexcused tardy will not be allowed to participate in one (a.m. or p.m.) recess on that day.

    • Students with 2 or less tardies for each quarter will be rewarded for attending school on time.

    The Mesa BAAC recognizes that there may be reasons for students being late to school "once in awhile". However, when tardiness becomes a pattern for an individual student or family, it impacts the instructional time for that student and the entire class. Thank you for your assistance and support of these procedures as we continue to strive to maximize academic success for every Mesa student.

    Should you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the school at 303-428-2891.