• Sherrelwood Parents and Friends

    Our teachers at Sherrelwood view each child as a whole. We not only students learn academically but also socially and artistically. We strive to bring students real-world experiences through in-school field trips and community excursions to strengthen their knowledge base. We are excited to share some of the exciting events students have participated in.
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    Gifted and Talented Program

    All 2nd-grade level students are evaluated using measures for reasoning and problem-solving in verbal, quantitative, spatial and non-verbal puzzles. Once identified and on track in the gifted and talented program, students participate in a curriculum focused on project-based learning and accelerate at a higher self-driven pace. 

    S.T.E.M. "Engineering is Everywhere"

    Sherrelwood Elementary School partnered with the University of Colorado for hands-on demonstrations of science, technology, engineering and math. Students participated in 3D printing, standards correlations, photo-origami, bioengineering, biodesign, life science and physical science.

    Red Ribbon Initiative

    red ribbon
    The National Family Partnership organized the first Nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign. NFP provides drug awareness by sponsoring the annual National Red Ribbon Campaign™. Since its beginning in 1985, the Red Ribbon has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In response to the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, angered parents and youth in communities across the country began wearing Red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the killing and destruction cause by drugs in America.

    Bee Keeping 

    Students learned about beehives and pollination of plants from professional beekeepers. As honey bees gather pollen and nectar for their survival, they pollinate crops such as apples, cranberries, melons and broccoli. Some crops, including blueberries and cherries, are 90-percent dependent on honey bee pollination; one crop, almonds, depends entirely on the honey bee for pollination at bloom time.

    SEO's Martial Arts 

    Activities like tae kwon do, kung fu and aikido are a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus. Some parents may think they also promote violence, but that's a myth, according to experts. The martial arts actually help teach self-discipline and socialization skills.  

    Bilingual Assemblies 

    Students celebrate all cultural differences by bringing books to life through theatre. This assembly was put on by the Denver Center of Performing Arts.

    Field Day

    field day  
    Each year students gather as a whole to have fun through physical activity and play. 

    Band and Orchestra Concerts

    The Arts remain an important part of teaching the whole child at Sherrelwood. Students have the opportunity to participate in Visual Arts, Musical Arts and Orchestra. Your child will become a well-rounded individual who experiences a variety of learning opportunities. 

    Spelling and Geography Bees

    Sherrelwood partners with Scripps for the spelling bee. They are the nation's largest and longest-running educational promotion, administered on a not-for-profit basis by The E.W. Scripps Company and local spelling bee sponsors in the United States, American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Department of Defense Schools in Europe; also, the Bahamas, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Japan and South Korea. Their purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. 

    Student Led School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SPBS)

    Student take hold of teaching each other positive behavior through modeling and assemblies. Intermediate students partner with primary to lead positive social competencies.  

    Science Fair

    Students get to show off their science projects each year through a science fair.

    Ice Cream Social

    ice cream  
    Sherrelwood's ice cream social attracts family and friends to meet each other before school begins. Life long friendships start with a first meeting. We hope to see you at our next family gathering!

    Charity Golf Event

    Sherrelwood staff and parents participate in a charity golf event to help disadvantaged youth get ahead. 

    Salsa Competition

    Parents go head-to-head in an annual salsa contest for bragging rights. Who will have the best tasting salsa this year? 

    Fitness Walk

    fitness walk  
    Students stay healthy each morning with a fitness walk. 

    Talent Show

    talent show  
    Students get to show off their unique talents and perform live in front of the entire school body and parents. 

    Skate City Event

    Students were treated to a Skate City event for a great performance on their state testing. It was a well needed break in the year to reward amazing R.O.A.R.S. behavior.  

    Art Show

    art show  
    Congratulations to all the students who showed off their visual art talents at the Sherrelwood Art Show and the Westminster Public School district art fair! 

    Technology Buddies

    Each year an intermediate student pairs up with a primary student to learn technology together.  

    Science Club

    Intermediate students enjoyed Science Club that met after school. They recreated experiments and developed their own.  

    NBA Basketball Star Talks About Anti-bullying

    Anti-bullying initiative with Irv Brown, a Colorado sports legend and broadcaster along with Ervin Johnson, retired NBA player.  

    Level Movement Assemblies All Year

    Westminster Public Schools uses a Competency Based System known as CBS. CBS is a personalized approach to learning that allows your child to progress quickly in their areas of strength and take more time and receive extra help in challenge areas. Every child's education is built around their individual needs. Students are promoted through levels of academic rigor focused on achieving competent skills for the 21st century. CBS is clearly the best way for children to learn! 

    Colorado Rapids

    Ms. Schmitz wrote a competitive grant to take students to a Colorado Rapids game. They had a blast on the field and meeting players. 

    Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Month

    sports illustrated  
    Sports Illustrated honored Porter Milner from Broomfield High School with their High School Athlete of the Month Award presented by US Men's International soccer player and Colorado Rapid midfielder, Jermaine Jones. Porter visited Sherrelwood and spoke to intermediate students about being an athlete and working hard on academics.

    GT Geocaching Excursion

    Geocaching in the neighborhood was a great way to get out into the community and use technology to track down hidden gems. 

    School Sports

    Students have the opportunity to participate in before school sports. Some past sport teams included basketball, soccer and cup stacking. 

    Read Across America

    Students had a wonderful time today with numerous guest readers! Parents, teachers, board members, Superintendent, sign language signer, family, friends, retired NFL players, Ed Foundation members, directors and buddy peers. Can't wait to do it again next year!

    Excellence Referral Pizza Lunches with the Principal

    Students who earn amazing behavior and academic awards from the staff at Sherrelwood are treated to pizza with the principal.  

    Alvin Law "Overcoming Adversity, Attitude Matters" 

    alvin law  
    A powerful speaker talked with Sherrelwood students about overcoming hurdles in their life. Attitude matters! 

    Raptors of the Rockies

    Raptors of the Rockies visited classrooms with their birds of prey. 

    Denver Museum of Nature & Science

    Each year Sherrelwood has taken a whole school field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Students get a hands on trip through time and explore nature and science themes.
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