Hello Metz Families,

    Our “You Matter” campaign has been a success and we have enjoyed delivering positive messages to our students and staff from parents, students and staff!  Thank you for your support of this campaign.

    Our extended learning program has also been a success for our students and we want to thank you for your support.  The program will finish the week before Spring break.  We have seen a lot of growth in our student data in relation to this program.

    The month of April is state testing for our intermediate students.  Our staff and students have been working hard to make sure they are prepared to do their best on the tests.  Please make any appointments outside of the first three weeks in April for your intermediate child.  We need them here every day and on time. If a student comes late or misses the test, they cannot rejoin the testing until they have made up the tests they miss which causes them to fall behind and often pulled from other classes for make-ups.  Please support us with making attendance the top priority during testing weeks.

    Thank you for trusting us with the education of your children.  We enjoy teaching and learning alongside them every single day!


    Claudette Trujillo-Federico

    Principal, Metz Elementary



    Picture of Principal Trujillo