Hello Metz Families,

    September has been an action-packed month full of exciting activities for our students that included Character Day and our homecoming participation to name a couple of events.  Students also completed a survey on their experience at Metz and this gave us great information on how we are doing in meeting their needs.

    We currently have an open survey for parents to complete that is offered in both Spanish and English.  You can access this survey through our Metz website or facebook.  We want to hear from parents how we are doing with supporting student needs, customer service and providing a quality educational program for all students.  We have a goal of at least 150 parents completing this survey.  It will remain open through the end of October.  This is a great opportunity for you to have a voice in the direction of the school and your child’s education.

    This month is our anti-bullying month.  Our goal will be to create awareness about school safety, reporting options and the importance of all students respecting and appreciating one another.  We currently do connection circles each morning to build community and increase positive relationships between students.  This month, our student leadership team will also be meeting to plan for future events that strengthen us as a school community.

    Just a reminder, that for all children’s safety, please remember that our hug and go zone is outside and teachers will walk students into class.  If you need to enter the building, please use the main doors in the front.



    Principal, Metz Elementary


    Picture of Ms. Trujillo