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    Westminster Public Schools prepares graduates to meet or exceed Colorado’s career and college readiness standards.

    It’s the way students learn about who they are, what kind of life they want, and how to get there! The Future Plan helps your child prepare for careers and college. Creating a Future Plan involves your student and you, along with his or her teachers and counselor. Our students begin creating their Future Plans in sixth grade, and continue to update it all the way through to graduation. Talk with your child about his or her Future Plan at the start of each semester!

WPS Future Plan

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  • The skills needed for today’s high school graduate have increased due to new and expanded career opportunities and expectations. These changes require a high school graduate who can demonstrate competence in English language arts, math, science and social studies as well as in Personal Social Competencies (PSC) that will foster success in the workplace.

    To meet these new demands for readiness, the State of Colorado has approved new minimum high school graduation requirements. Accordingly, WPS has shifted its graduation requirements to meet or exceed those of the state for students who are in the graduating Class of 2021 and beyond!