Mrs. Rowe at the cliff dwellings
  • At TKE, students call me Ms. Katherine.  As a speech-language pathologist (that’s a mouthful!), I help students SAY what they are thinking, TALK so people can understand them and KNOW words and ideas.  In my job, I travel to 4 different schools every week.  As a human being, I love Language and I love learning languages.  Some I have studied include American Sign Language, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Braille and Hebrew.  Part of my love of Language comes from having lived many places, including Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Cyprus.  Other important pieces of my life include my family (my husband and I have two children, both now graduated from college), my faith (which calls me to help take care of this world and people in need), and beauty (flowers, colors, cats, and coffee).