Ms. Wilson with daughter
  • My name is Christine Wilson.  This is my 6th year at Tennyson Knolls and my 12th year in education.   I have a Master of Arts Degree from Colorado Christian University in Curriculum and Instruction. I am passionate about Kindergarten.  I am certified to teach Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students.  It is exciting for me to watch my students grow, understand, and make connections to the world around them.


    I grew up in a large family.  I have 4 siblings including a twin sister who is my best friend.  I adopted a baby from China in 2004.  My daughter is the light of my life.  Because she is active in sports, I am now a "softball mom".  Being a mother is an important part of my life.  My faith is another important part.  My faith provides endurance for the many difficult things in life.  I would be lost with out it.


    I love to travel but flying terrifies me.  I have been to more than 15 countries including Australia, New Zealand, and Norway.  Of course my favorite is China.  


    My immediate family includes my daughter (first year in high school), my disabled mother, and our dog, Tuffy.  Tuffy is an elder dog.  His previous owner passed away and we adopted him.  He has become an intricate part of our family.  

     image of Tuffy - my dog

    When not teaching I we can be found camping, star gazing, in the garden and traveling for softball.