Ms. Libby Brueske Gold

Phone: 720-542-4511


Degrees and Certifications:

M.A. Counseling Licensed School Counselor Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Ms. Libby Brueske Gold


I'm the mental health professional at Colorado STEM Academy. If you believe your student needs mental health support please complete the referral form.







  • What is social emotional learning?

    Social emotional learning is the process by which students develop fundamental skills to be successful in not only school, but life in general. SEL focuses on 5 main areas:

    1. Self Awareness - accurately understanding your feelings, values, interests, and strengths
    2. Self Management - being able to regulate and express your emotions; your ability to manage stress, control impulses, overcome challenges, and set & monitor goals
    3. Social Awareness - being able to understand others perspectives and express empathy; understanding and accurately interpreting social situations
    4. Relationship Skills - making and maintaining healthy relationships; resisting peer pressure; preventing, managing and resolving conflicts with others; seeking help when you need it
    5. Responsible Decision Making - considering the possible benefits and consequences of choices (i.e. considering the ethical, safety, and social impacts of decisions)


    Why do we do Social Emotional Lessons in WIN?

    As previously stated, the skills learned through social emotional learning are needed to be successful not just in school, but in life. We live in a social world and being able to manage ourselves and appropriately interact with others is extremely important. The SEL lessons in WIN are designed to 1) explicitly teach the social-emotional skills, 2) give time for students to reflect upon and practice these skills and 3) promote connections between students, as well as the teacher, to establish a safe, respectful, and caring classroom environment.