Week of December 7

    We have new Zoom links that you will need to use for our 11:00 Literacy and 12:30 Math. Both of these links appear in your daily Empower playlist as well as on this website;

    11:00 Zoom - https://mywps.zoom.us/j/99297862269

    12:30 Zoom - https://mywps.zoom.us/j/99297862269


    This week, we will be relating engineering models to real world applications as we plan and design models for a sustainable city that uses renewable energies and limits wasting resources. In literacy, we will be exploring theme in folk tales and short stories, determining evidence that supports the theme and finding similar themes across two different stories. In math, we will be connecting the standard algorithm of division (also known as long division) to a model. 

    We will also be having our mid-year Dibels testing this week and next. 

    Have a great week, 

    -Mr. Tidd