• Family and Student Messages

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    March 29 Family and Student Email

    March 26 Information for Students

    March 22 Welcome to Spring Break Message





    March 17 Agenda for students

    Welcome to Day 2 (March 17th) of WPS Anytime Anywhere Learning!

    On Tuesday your child should work on the following:

    • Each class will have a 30-50 minute lesson designed for each day of this week.
    • If available, students may work on more than one lesson for a class in a day.
    • Students may follow the bell schedule OR they may work with their own schedule.
    • Scores and feedback on work will be completed the following day the work was assigned.
    • Students should email teachers with any questions.
    • If Empower appears to not be loading the home page – check the left menu and choose a class from the list.

    Tuesday’s Connections Teachers are Mr. Flail and Mr. Tignor. Students should look in Empower for Connections lessons from Mrs. Zoromski (6th grade), Mrs. Duran (7th grade), or Mrs. Eiler (8th grade). These lessons are in place of lessons for Flail and Tignor and include Social Emotional content for your child.

    Knighthood Family lessons are also provided each day by Ms. Reilly! Check your playlist in Empower!

    Breakfast and Lunch at Ranum Middle School

    Nutrition Services will provide pick up meals for families Monday through Friday from 11am – 1pm at Westminster High School, Ranum Middle School, Shaw Heights Middle School and Scott Carpenter Middle School. This program will continue as long as students are away from school.

    • Meals will be dispersed at drive-up locations in the parking lots of those buildings.
      • We ask that patrons remain in their cars.
      • The meals are available for all children ages 18 and under.
      • Children must be present for a meal to be provided.
      • CDE/USDA emergency feeding regulations and HACCP food safety practices will be strictly adhered to.


    Please reach out if you have questions or needs!

    Mrs. Willy





    March 16 Agenda for students

    Good morning Ranum Knights! While your teachers are planning on-line learning lessons, your agenda for today includes:

    • 60 minutes of Reading (book, magazine, IXL, CommonLit, Newsela, etc.)
    • 60 minutes of Math (Envisions, IXL, Khan Academy, etc.)
    • Complete 3 Newsela Readings in the Spring Challenge (Code FTTP3Z)
    • 30 minutes of physical activity
    • 45 minutes of a creative activity (journaling, drawing, singing, instruments, etc.)


    Beginning today and especially tomorrow you will be receiving directions for lessons from your teachers through emails and Empower!