Westminster Public Schools Social Emotional Learning
  • SEL Recovery Framework

  • Vision

    To transform how we as adults and students interact with ourselves, each other, and the world around us!  


    In WPS children learn to develop student agency through learning, modeling, and developing attributes and skills that are aligned with the CASEL Competencies:

    • Self-Awareness (emotional regulation, accurate self-perception, self-discipline)
    • Self-Management (motivation and resilience, self-advocacy, goal-setting)
    • Social-Awareness (empathy and compassion, cultural competence, perspective taking)
    • Relationship Skills (relationship building, teamwork, communication)
    • Responsible Decision Making (analyzing situations, evaluating and reflecting, problem solving)

    In a learner centered classroom, students are partners in the teaching-learning cycle.  We value the empowerment of students to own their learning through:  

    • Choice and Voice
    • Motivation and Engagement
    • Goal setting and progress monitoring 
    • Autonomy
    • Strength-based Decisions


  • Melisa Sandoval  

    Melisa Sandoval

    Director, Social Emotional Learning, & Student Agency