Infants (Yellow Room)

picture of the infant room at the early learning center
  • The Infant Room, or our Yellow Room, provides a welcoming environment where children are able to connect with a primary caregiver and form a positive relationship. The Early Learning Center at Perl Mack program supports one-on-one interactions between an adult and a child. We model the behavior we wish to teach. It is in these quality interactions that the opportunity for learning occurs.

    Our Model

    Each infant is on an individualized infant plan and schedule. An essential job of a newborn is to begin to gain body awareness and control. Plenty of time is given in our Infant Room for babies to be on the floor to learn to move and stretch, with our staff close-at-hand to help encourage and monitor progress. This time and practice is important for building self-confidence and gain physical control.

    Classroom materials and toys are selected carefully based on the interest and development of each individual baby. New toys are introduced regularly to help stimulate the child’s imagination and growth. A focus on using natural materials to explore and time outside is often utilized when possible.

    Our program is also unique in that we focus on:

    • Emotional and social supports our kids need to succeed and grow
    • Quality play by creating routines and relationships to develop a calm, nurturing atmosphere
    • Child engagement on tasks from start to finish 
    • Creating awareness of daily routines (ex. diapering, feeding, dressing, nap time, etc.)
    • Learning through meaningful and engaging conversations
    • Skill development in a supportive and caring environment
    • Allowing infants time to problem solve and avoid rushing in to rescue or fix things for them



girl reading a book with her teacher
  • Student Ages

    3 to 18 months


    7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
    Monday thru Friday


    Parent visits are encouraged throughout the day. Nursing mothers are welcome to drop in. Staff will communicate daily with families about your child’s day.