• 5/10/21-5/14/21: Review and Catch up on all subjects.

    5/17/21-5/21/21: Review and Catch up on all subjects.

    5/24/21-5/22/21: Turn In Chrome Books to nearest school or your homeschool.

    Happy Summer!! 5/3/2021-5/7/2021

     Chromebook and hotspot return for students who are not participating in Extended School year will be May 24th and 25th from 9am to 3pm. You are welcome to return your device to your nearest homeschool. WVA staff will be onsite to assist. All chromebooks must be charged and turned on. Please return chromebook, charger and hotpsot if you were provided with one. WVA staff will be checking devices to ensure they are powering on and are not damaged. If chromebooks are found to be damaged, there will be a fee accessed. You will be able to pay these fees online, there will be NO payment taken on site. If you have any questions regarding fees, please contact WVA directly. Staff on site will not be able to assist with payment or fees.

     Happy Summer!! 


    Monday: 5/24/21 Ideas to keep the kids busy:




    Tuesday: 5/25/21 



     Math Change these to your grade level; the links takes you to level 2.

    Monday: 5/24/21


    Tuesday: 5/25/21



    Science/Social Studies

    Monday: 5/24/21


    Tuesday: 5/25/21





    Art: Just for fun!







    Monday: 5/3/21 Teacher Work Day

    Tuesday: 5/4/21 Today is our last day for, Celebrate The Beat. If you would like to make a, Thank You sign to hold up at the end of Celebrate The Beat class, I'm sure the team would appreciate it!

    Not to many days left of school and so many of you are working very hard to get your assignments turned in, keep up the good work!

     Please remember that on:

    Tuesdays, from 1:40-2:10 pm to join Zoom on the link below.

    Here is Celebrate the Beat's zoom information.

    Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85223279126

    Wednesday: Begin DEBILS testing






    Week of 4/26/21-4/30/

    I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, it was just beautiful!

    These next couple of weeks are going to fly by! Please to try to help your child stay on track. I had hoped to have specific dates for you regarding assessments, last day of classes, etc. by the end of last week , I hope to have them to you by the end of this week. There are a few dates that I am sure of 

    1.) the last date to turn in work through Buzz is May 25th

    2.) Days to turn in Chromebooks to your Home School are May 24-25.


     Please remember that on:

    Tuesdays, from 1:40-2:10 pm to join Zoom on the link below.

    Here is Celebrate the Beat's zoom information.

    Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85223279126



    Ms. Dominguez Class Zoom Link:https://mywps.zoom.us/j/7579713039?pwd=bFU5bUVWNkhoUllXYVo3NEpic3c0UT09

     757 971 3039

    Daliy: Log in at 7:50 for attendance

              Be alert and ready to work, get plenty of rest the night before.

               Find a good work space like a desk or a table feet on the floor. (not your bed please) 

               Find a quiet space / mute yourself if it is loud at your house. (please and thank you)

               No talking out of turn: raise your hand and wait your turn.

               Stay on task: no playing with toys, phones, or games or other people while in class.

                No writing in the chat box unless the teacher asks you to do so. 

                Have your tools available: Pencils, paper, chrome book.

                Wear your glasses if you use glasses. 

                Please try to refrain from eating during class (please and thank you)


     As part of Asynchronus Wednesday: Log into Buzz first thing in the morning as your attendance.

    Have a Great Day!

    Thank you!

    Schedule:    Zoom link: 757 971 3039


      Passcode: same as last week /Sent in an email

    Zarife Dominguez-Robinson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Ms. Domínguez Weekly Zoom Meeting
    Time:  Everyday at 7:50 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

    Wednesday's Asynchronous Day/ No Zoom Classes

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Ms. Domínguez Weekly Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 757 971 3039


    7:50-8:00 Morning Meeting Zoom

    8:00-8:40 Literature Group 1 

    8:40-9:20 Literature Group 2 

    9:20-9:30 Break

    9:30-10:10 WIN/ Office Hours/ IEP Meetings

    10:10-10:50 Art (whole group)

    10:50-11:00 Break

    11:00-11:40 Literature  Group 3 

    11:40-12:20 Math  Group 1 

    12:20-12:50 Lunch

    12:50 - 1:30 Math Group 2

    1:30 - 2:10   Math  Group 3 

     2:10 - 2:20   Break

    2:20 - 3:00 Science/ Social Studies (whole group)

     Schedule:    Zoom link: 

    Join Zoom Meeting
    757 971 3039