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    Hello and welcome to my page. I am from the big state of Texas where I taught math for 20 years. I relocated to Denver where I have been a math teacher in WPS for nine years. I am also a school and community counselor in which I help others after school. I applaud everyone for diving into WVA with us to be part of the foundation of learning how to learn and teach online.

    I will keep you updated as things develop. Please feel free to call my office anytime during school hours. I am happy to be of service to you and look forward to an exciting year! 

    Ms. Chyrisse Botelho, B.A., M.Ed. 

    Office number: 720-638-6252



  • Daily Attendance

    Attendance is taken daily for each class. Please use the attendance link to report your daily attendance for math class every day even on focused study days. Thank you! Ms. B. 

    Daily Attendance for Math Level 9 and Level 10

Ms. Chyrisse Botelho