• New Students!!- Welcome!

    Hello and welcome to math class. I know you have many questions and I am here to help. Please reach out to me with any questions you have. Attached is the letter I sent out in email last week. I understand some did not receive it. Please let me know if you have questions!

    New Student Information Document

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  • Parent Update


    Jan. 3, 2021

    Happy New Year to all my WVA parents! With a new semester underway, a routine, schedule, and streamlined lessons I hope you will notice more engagement in learning. I am asking a big favor of my parents. I need your help in encouraging your child to attend Zoom meetings on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with Friday being one-on-one open tutoring by individual or group appointments.

    But I also want to be available for you! So if you would like to meet with me on Friday's please let me know what time is best and I will be very happy to make an appointment (7am-4pm) by zoom or phone, your choice. If our appointment is by Zoom I will send you the link before your appointment time.

     I understand this has been a learning curve for us all. Online learning is challenging without guidance and direction. The best way your child can know what they should be doing is to attend Zoom meetings, read my emails, and check my teacher page for the weekly tasks. Last semester many students who remain enrolled never attended a meeting or turned in any work. Please monitor Empower weekly is favor number 2.

    Twice a week I update grades. If your child has an M they need to do that assignment. All lessons are in the Empower playlists. The first slide of every lesson explains the required tasks. The remaining slides in the playlist are homework, vocab, and notes assignments they turn in with all instructions and worksheets needed. Please reach out if you would like more help on knowing how to "read" empower so you can help your child stay on track. I hope all my wonderful students finish strong this semester and you will be hearing a lot more from me now that we have our momentum! 

    At your service,

    Chyrisse Botelho



    Hello Parents,

    Unfortunately, we are not able to meet in person, and the first parent conference period has ended. However, please email or call me if you would like to have a meeting by phone or zoom so we can schedule an appointment. Students' are busy finishing their lessons. Please encourage them to not be worried about the total targets completed but the assignments completed. 

    • Algeo Concept Students should try to finish up to Lesson 5
    • Integrated Math Students should try to finish up to Lesson 4 Activity 3 Homework 4.
    • Students have until December 30th to complete all work. 

    All lessons are explained in Empower! Open the lesson playlist. The first slide of every lesson is the lesson overview. Homework is due for every lesson and also on Empower with worksheets attached. Tests are done on Buzz or Khan for Lesson 2. Please contact me and review your child's progress weekly! Any assignments with an M means it is missing but can still be turned in. In the event, students do not finish the lessons for Semester 1 they will have time in Semester 2! 

    Please remind your child to check the new Zoom schedule for Semester 2. Only the times will change to ensure we get enough class time together. PLEASE encourage your child to attend, check-in, communicate with me. Even if your child is behind, that is okay, we can still get a lot of things done and targets completed! It ain't over until it is over in May! 

  • Attendance Form + Zoom Meetings = Daily Attendance


    Last semester I was asked over 3000 times, "what are we doing". To know what you should be doing you must attend class it is that simple. Zoom class meetings will be mandatory unless there is a medical or parent reason you are not able to attend. 

    Attendance will be taken daily in Zoom class meetings and on the attendance form you must submit daily, this includes asynchronous Wednesdays.

    To ensure students receive credit for daily attendance requires two things:

    1. Student attendance is now mandatory for Zoom class meetings. Students who miss more than 3 Zoom class meetings in a row must have a parent contact me to be excused.

    On the 5th consecutive absence from the live class Zoom meetings (M/Tues/Thurs), your parent/guardian will be contacted for a parent conference with myself, the administrator, and counselor. 

    Please inform me of any emergency, lack of wifi or internet, or any other reason attending Zoom class is beyond your control.

    2. Use the attendance link to report your daily attendance for math class every day even on focused study days. If you will be absent for more than 2 days in a row please have your parent/guardian


    You may call and leave a voicemail if your student is absent from math class at 720-638-6252 or email me at cbotelho@westminsterpublicschools.org

    Attendance Form Link

  • Math Class Updates 2021

    * Thursday Jan 21: Video Lesson- No Live Zoom. Please check your email, course tab, or empower for links and the test review practice key.

    * Jan 18 - MONDAY NO SCHOOL

    Martin Luther King Day- Watch the original speech

    I have a dream...

    * Jan 15, 2021

    Welcome to all my new students! I look forward to being your math teacher. Please check your emails for my welcome message and video. New parents, please see my contact information if you would like a parent conference or need to get in touch with me. 

    Things to know:

    * New Student Video: Welcome New Students and Parents - YouTube

    * Attendance Form must be done daily.

    * All Zoom classes are required.

    * All assignments, instructions, and what to do each day are on Empower or my teacher page on the tabs to the left. 

    Parents! PLEASE watch Empower weekly for grade updates. Any assignments marked with an M. will be work that has not been turned in after the deadline. And deadlines are flexible when we communicate. 

    Returning Students:

    This week's lesson will be extended into next week. Module 1 Tests will be conducted in class on Thursday Jan 21!

    *Jan 3, 2021

    Hello and happy 2021. I pray that this year has wonderful and positive changes happening!

    Parents please read my parent update. 

    Students Due to some schedule changes our first live Zoom meeting will be on Thursday, Jan 7.

    Students Please watch for an email with semester updates.

    All Zoom meetings will be starting 5minutes earlier for math class and will be mandatory on Mon/Tues/Thurs. The new schedule will be up late Monday evening. 

    In the meantime, all students will be taking a pre-test this Tuesday and Wednesday for math class, the link will be in your Semester 2 Updates email by Tuesday evening. 

    * 12/10 Finishing the Semester!



    Students are allowed to turn in work for Semester 1 until December 30th!

    Semester 2 will have a small change in the schedule so please look for the new times next semester!

    Student Live Tutoring has been awesome and my busiest day of the week, keep coming to tutoring!







  • Contact Ms. Botelho


    Ms. Chyrisse Botelho, B.A., M.Ed., O.M.

    WVA Math Teacher

    -Community Counselor

    -Doctoral Candidate

    - Ordained Minister, Mom, and Grandma

    Students-Office Hours:

    M-W-F>> 12 pm -1 pm

    M-W-F>>3 pm - 4 pm

    PARENTS WELCOME on Wednesday and Fridays from 9 am- 4 pm for Zoom or Phone Conferences. 

    (Email or leave a voicemail to make an appointment.)

    Office number: 720-638-6252

    (please leave a message all calls are screened)

    email: cbotelho@westminsterpublicschools.org

  • Congratulations To *Top 12-2nd Quarter*

    My top 12 is not just about the grade, but more about who you are as a person, how much you give to achieve your goals, your effort, focus, and determination to be and do the best you can, is my idea of a top 12 student. Remember all of you are making history and this teacher applauds you all. 

    Congratulations to everybody for making it through your first semester online, for trying hard, and finding your courage to show up but mostly, thank you for being you!

    Ms. Botelho

    Open Link for Ms. Botelho's Top 12