• Thank you for your interest in Hidden Lake High School - we are honored that you have considered HLHS to educate your child.

    Hidden Lake High School is an application school. The application and interview process are used to ensure that the school is the right fit for your family and your student.

    Unlike traditional high schools' quarters and semesters, Hidden Lake HS operates on a 'hexter system',  starting new classes and accepting new students every 6 weeks. Applications close for the upcoming hexter one week prior to hexter start date (dates listed below).

     Please take a moment to complete the Hidden Lake HS Application (click here).   Solicitud de Hidden Lake HS (haga clic aquí). Once completed and submitted, parent/guardian will receive an emailed invitation for a time and date for a phone interview when both you and your child are available.  At the time of interview, please have the student's most current transcript, and IEP or 504 if applicable.

     Although not guaranteed, we hope Hidden Lake will be a good fit. 


     School Year 2021-22 - applications will be accepted April 12 through June 7, 2021. Parents/guardians can expect interview call May 3-May 14, 2021.  Please have your transcript ready before May 3 for review as part of your interview.  Thank you!