• Tennyson Knolls Preparatory

    Calendar 2021-22


    Aug. 17th                              First Day of School, Grades 1st-8th

    Aug. 19th                              First Day of School, Preschool and Kindergarten


    Sept. 1st                                Early Release Day

    Sept. 6th                               Labor Day, NO SCHOOL

    Sept. 15th                             Early Release Day

    Sept. 17th                             Preschool ONLY. NO SCHOOL

    Sept. 20th                             Non-Student Contact Day, NO SCHOOL


    Oct. 6th                                 Early Release Day

    Oct. 20th                               Early Release Day

    Oct. 25th-26th                    Fall Break, NO SCHOOL


    Nov. 3rd                                Early Release Day

    Nov. 17th                              Early Release Day

    Nov. 22nd-26th                    Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL


    Dec. 1st                                 Early Release Day

    Dec. 15th                              Early Release Day

    Dec. 20th-Jan. 3rd             Winter Break, NO SCHOOL


    Jan. 5th                                  Early Release Day

    Jan. 17th                               Martin Luther King Day, NO SCHOOL

    Jan. 19th                               Early Release Day


    Feb. 2nd                                Early Release Day

    Feb. 11th                               Preschool ONLY. NO SCHOOL

    Feb. 16th                               Early Release Day

    Feb. 21st                               President’s Day, NO SCHOOL


    March 2nd                            Early Release Day

    March 16th                          Early Release Day

    March 21st-25th                 Spring Break, NO SCHOOL


    April 6th                                Early Release Day

    April 8th                                Non-Student Contact Day, NO SCHOOL

    April 20th                              Early Release Day


    May 2nd                                Non-Student Contact Day, NO SCHOOL

    May 4th                                 Early Release Day

    May 18th                              Early Release Day

    May 26th                              Last Day of School