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  • Get School Credit for Doing What you Love!

    WPS students are offered the unique opportunity to meet their proficiency scale targets inside AND outside the classroom, as well as to help students connect school to real-life experiences. This is learning that puts ownership into the hands of the students!

    Projects must be approved by the student’s school principal and/or teacher. Once approved, the student may begin working on their project right away!

    Project Examples

    • Writing computer code to help get an aunt’s small business up and running.
    • Putting together blueprints for landscaping ideas at a tree farm.
    • Writing poetry, prose, or song lyrics for fun.
    • Earning a certificate in SCUBA, Lifeguard, or First Aid/CPR.
    • Participating in a community play, chorale, or musical concerto. 
    • Helping uncle construct a new addition to his house.
    • Creating a blog.
    • Earning a robotics, math in nature, or computer science badge in Girl Scouts.
    • Conducting a well-planned, complex, at-home science experiment over break.
    • Participating in an individual or team sport & applying personal-relational competencies.
    • Writing an advocacy letter to an elected official at the state or national level.

    Application & Eligibility

    All WPS students are eligible to apply for Anytime Anywhere Learning.

    It’s easy to get started! Just click on the application or QR code.

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    Projects must be completed at a date established by you and your teacher(s).


    If you have questions or need assistance, please contact:

    Jen Rizzo
    Coordinator for Programming for Every Driven and Accelerated Learning (PEDAL)

    Steve Sandoval
    Executive Director, Special Services
    303-657-3861 |