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    Welcome to Bill "Gramps" Lester's Teacher Page!

    Name: Bill Lester

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    720-542-5276 Westminster Virtual Academy Computer Lab

    As Lead Teacher for the Westminster Virtual Academy, I get to work with teachers and high school learners and middle school learners across the District 50 in over 50 online classes leading to graduation. In addition to the Edgenuity curriculum, Learners can access teacher-generated resources from the Westminster Virtual Academy website. Learners, parents/guardians, and teachers can send me an email at the above address.  
     "I was born on the crest of wave and rocked in the cradle of the deep. Seaweed and barnacles are me clothes. When I spits, I spits tar. I am, I is, I are!"
    After a career in the US Navy and discovering the world was about 75% water, I moved into research as a microbiologist. On the microbiology voyage, I discovered that influenza viruses do not talk to you after the 24 hour spin-down of the ultra-centrifuge and you remove their vials at midnight to continue with the next part of the experiment. I jumped ship to embark and sail the public school vessel which seemed a little more natural for me after conducting training in the Navy and teaching at the university level.
    So 30 years in public high school classrooms (Iver C. Ranum High School, Westminster High School, and Hidden Lake High School) teaching various courses in science, mathematics, and technology, and a short stint as a high school administrator, I now work in the Westminster Public Schools online learner-centered environment located at Hidden Lake High School, Westminster Virtual Academy. The young'uns keep me jibing and tacking with their actions, challenges, and questions as we sail towards graduation through variable winds and confused seas while avoiding rocks and shoals.
    It has been a bon voyage! On May 28th I will weigh anchor from WPS, HLHS, and WVA and sail into retirement visiting new ports of call as an Educator Emeritus. I am grateful for the many good memories of my learners, colleagues, and community family members during this voyage. Thank you!
     "Yo nací en la cresta de la ola y se meció en la cuna de la profundidad. Algas y percebes son yo ropa. Cuando me escupe , me escupe alquitrán . Soy , I es , yo somos ! "
    Después de una carrera en la Marina de los Estados Unidos y descubrir el mundo estaba alrededor del 75 % de agua , me mudé a la investigación como un microbiólogo . En el viaje de la microbiología , descubrí que los virus de la gripe no hablan con usted después de las 24 horas de desactivación de los giros ultra- centrífuga y se les quitan en sus viales a media noche para continuar con la siguiente parte del experimento . Salté barco para embarcarse y navegar el buque escuela pública que parecía un poco más natural para mí después de la realización de la formación en la Marina y la enseñanza en el nivel universitario .
    Así que después de 25 años en las aulas de secundaria públicos ( Iver C. Ranum High School y la Escuela Secundaria de Westminster ) que enseñan diversos cursos en la ciencia , las matemáticas y la tecnología , ahora estoy trabajando en el medio ambiente centrado en el estudiante en línea .

    Bill Lester