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    Welcome into the world of mathematics, one of many ways to explain the wonders of this universe. Math is a unique subject that builds upon itself and develops the logical left side of the brain.
    The “classroom” design is one with and without walls. It is a Competency Standards Based-Learner Centered environment which uses both technology and Kagan teachingmethods to develop confidence and logical thinking.
    Beginning school year 2013-2014, Westminster Public Schools adopted a new resource for mathematics. The Progressive Math Initiative (PMI) is a program that aligns mathematics vertically as well as the traditional horizontal alignment. PMI is also aligned to the national Common Core Standards and should help better prepare our students for the P.S.A.T. and the S.A.T.
     If you would like to view this resource, click on this link:  https://njctl.org/
     "Learning can be an exciting journey. We just have to be willing to travel"
    Mr. & Mrs. Sherman