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Making Appointments

  • Students: 

    To see your counselor, stop by the office & make an appointment by scanning the QR codes on the door or speak with our counseling secretary. You can also reach them by email.

    Mrs. Brnak, Ms. Hebert, Ms. Elliott and Mrs. Shubin are located in the A100s office.

    Mrs. McLellan and Mrs. Ilk are located in the B200s office.

    If you're working with one of our school psychologists and/or social worker, you can also make an appointment with the counseling secretary or by email.

    Psychologists-Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Ernest are located in the B200s office.

    Social Worker-Mrs. Mattisson is located in the A200s office.


    Click on the staff members above to view their contact information. Call or email us to schedule an appointment.