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    Name: Portia Curlee

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    CAS Information
    Seniors: your main responsibilities this year:
    1.  Continue to participate in CAS activities
    2.  Record your CAS activities
    3.  Be ready to complete activities and recording by the spring!
    4.  Meet with your supervisor regarding any questions you have about CAS
    Juniors: your responsiblities this year:
    1.  START!  Participate.  Get invovled.  Begin recording.
    2.  Write a letter of intent: what do you hope to get out of CAS?  What areas are most important to you, and why?  Is there a plan or idea you have already, an area of passion for you?  Is there a place you might struggle?  This letter is DUE by October 1st, 2011!
    3.  Turn in log sheets QUARTERLY to Ms. Curlee--due dates will be posted here, on this website, as well as outside the LAA office.
    Please let me know what questions you have!