Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Maria Núñez

As a Literacy/CLDE Teacher in our school district since 1997, I've been fortunate to know many young people and their families, and every single person shares the same dream:  To achieve their goals and BE some BODY.  Well, I believe we already ARE, yet we are all striving to improve ourselves.  EDUCATION is key, and by becoming more knowledgable, we become more powerful.

Knowledge IS power, and we all hold within ourselves the power to EMPOWER ourselves.  I wish my students and their families seek ways to gain more education so as to enable themselves to achieve their dreams.  Just as every parent loves and cares for their own children, such is my own dream, yet I love and care for my students as if they were my own kids.  Likewise, just as every child wishes to make their parents proud and happy for their accomplishments, I wish my students achieve these goals for themselves.

We must be HUNGRY to learn, HUNGRY to improve, and HUNGRY to succeed.  With desire, I believe we can achieve anything.  The WORLD is ours.