Dear Fairview Families,


    The staff at Fairview hopes that you truly enjoy spring break and time with family. When we return from spring break we hope we are feeling rested and ready to hit the ground running for the remainder of the year. 


    Please know that the month of April is CMAS testing for grades 3 through 5. We are excited to say we will be kicking off testing with a movie night and an assembly to show off all the prizes students can win for their participation and best effort on testing. Please take a close look at the important dates to make sure your student is here, rested and ready to test. 


    Tardies are still down since implementing our new policy. Thank you parents and families! We are starting an attendance competition for April. Classrooms will compete for best attendance in the school. The classroom with the most days of all students in attendance will win a pizza party. Please stop by the front entryway to see our “race to the finish”.


    Camile Carlson, Principal

    Fairview Elementary School