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  • To all parents/guardians of WPS students receiving transportation services.

    Students are required to have a visible ID while in the school building and they are required to be visible when students who are eligible for transportation services are on the bus. School personnel and transportation staff have been working with students informing them of the important part that visible ID's have in assisting with WPS safety programs. 

    When using transportation services, students must scan on / scan off by touching their ID to the small scanner located at the front of the bus as they enter / exit.  This process
     helps to  improve safety by having an accurate list of eligible passengers on the bus at any given time and may also assist in locating misplaced students.  

    On October 15, 2018 we will implement a No ID-No Ride  procedure.  All secondary (6 - 12 grade) students will be required to have a visible, valid school ID to access transportation services.  All secondary schools offer a Temporary ID sticker for students to wear on days they may have forgotten or misplaced their School ID.  Please check with the school office for their procedure in issuing temporary ID's.  The temporary ID issued by the school is a valid school ID and your student may access transportation services without interruption.  If your student I.D has been lost or vandalized, a new ID must be purchased at the school office.  Immediate payment is not necessary to purchase a new ID, the fee can be charged to the students' account. 

    Students who access transportation services using a temporary ID for three or more days in a row may receive a written behavior report and may be suspended from the bus if two or more written reports are submitted. 

    There will be no change to the 
    elementary I.D. process.  WPS staff will continue to work with our elementary students to teach the importance of visible, valid ID’s  on the bus and in the school.  Our written behavior report process will be followed for elementary students that become habitual at forgetting their ID’s.  Students may be suspended from the bus if two or more written reports are submitted.
    Do not hesitate to contact our transportation office with any questions you may have.
  • Westminster Public Schools Transportation Services proudly services approximately 6,000 students traveling to one of our district schools, and two of our neighboring districts for the school year. 

    Bus Fees

    • WPS does not charge any fees for students to ride a school bus.

    Bus Schedules

    • Please follow the link above to Bus Routes and Schedule information.

    Student Transportation Policies

    • Westminster Public Schools Transportation Department follows all State and Federal regulations to ensure safe transportation for all students and proper maintenance on all vehicles. Please see Superintendent Policy EEA for more information regarding student transportation services. Please also see Superintendent Policy EEAA for more information regarding pupil transportation parameters.
    • Please refer to the WPS Student Rights and Responsibilities Code of Conduct Handbook for information regarding the student school bus code of conduct, disciplinary action for transportation vehicles and the procedures for suspension from any transportation vehicle. 

    Student Walking Distances

    • WPS will provide transportation to all elementary school students who live beyond one mile from their assigned school, and to middle and high school students who live beyond one and one-half miles from their assigned school.

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