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  • Westminster Public Schools (WPS) Transportation department is working to restore bus routes for the 2021-2022 school year to levels that were in place prior to the COVID pandemic. Ideally, bus service will resume at all prior stop locations to elementary students who live more than one mile from their assigned neighborhood school, and to middle and high school students who live more than one- and one-half miles from their assigned neighborhood school. 

    WPS transportation will be following the CDC public health orders  and all passengers and staff are required to wear a mask while using transportation services.

    Transporting your children in the safest manner is our number one priority. Knowing when and where each student gets on and off the school bus is vital. To assist in this safety feature, your child will be issued a school ID at the beginning of their school year. The ID is an RFID-card which each transportation eligible student will be required to have on their person at the time of bus services. Students are required to scan their ID each time they enter / exit the school bus.  Your students first initial ID is at no charge, all replacements must be obtained via the school office for a fee. DO NOT PUNCH HOLES IN THE ID This will damage the card and require purchasing a new ID. You may place the ID in a clear plastic sleeve attached to a lanyard if needed.  


     Join Our Team

    Becoming a school bus driver is an interesting career choice, and this past year with COVID’s help it has been even more challenging. WPS would like our community partners to spread the word that we’re currently hiring drivers!

    If you know somebody who is looking for a great job with benefits, including health insurance, and paid training to obtain a commercial driver’s license, please have them apply here. We look forward to adding new members to our team. 

     Please view our  current job openings    



Transportation Services

  • Westminster Public Schools Transportation Department proudly services approximately 6,000 students traveling to one of our district schools, and two of our neighboring districts for the school year. 

    Bus Fees

    • WPS does not charge any fees for students to ride a school bus.

    Bus Schedules

    • Please follow the link above to Bus Routes and Schedule information.

    Student Transportation Policies

    • Westminster Public Schools Transportation Department follows all State and Federal regulations to ensure safe transportation for all students and proper maintenance on all vehicles. Please see Superintendent Policy EEA for more information regarding student transportation services. Please also see Superintendent Policy EEAA for more information regarding pupil transportation parameters.
    • Please refer to the WPS Student Rights and Responsibilities Code of Conduct Handbook for information regarding the student school bus code of conduct, disciplinary action for transportation vehicles and the procedures for suspension from any transportation vehicle. 

    Student Walking Distances

    • WPS will provide transportation to all elementary school students who live beyond one mile from their assigned school, and to middle and high school students who live beyond one and one-half miles from their assigned school.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Don Ciancio

    Don Ciancio

    Executive Director of Auxiliary Services

    Jodene Monroe

    Transportation Manager

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