James Steward, Principal Hidden Lake High School
  •  Dear Hidden Lake Students and Parents,

     Cooler weather and winter is finally here and snow will be flying soon.  Thank you for your continued support of Hidden Lake. 

    Parents, I ask that you remind your child that the definition of success will change as they progress in life.  Today their success is demonstrated in high school, their job, their relationships.  Tomorrow, what will define their life?  Success is to live your life with veracity, with truth.  Leave the forces of negativity behind.  Your child needs to be reminded to be true to themselves; be firm, fair and honest with them, they will thank you in the future.  Follow their passions, love what they do, and contribute to our world – there are so many in need.

    Did you know that we have had many families and parents who have come to our parent breakfasts to learn about our building and expectations?  If you have not made it in, please plan on attending a breakfast (dates are on the Calendar on this website).  Do you want to know how your student is doing, what their attendance is? You can log into our systems through the website and apps to find out.  Contact our office to learn how and receive your information.  We will also be reviewing this at our breakfasts if that works for you. 

    I ask that you take care of each other throughout the winter.  I reflect upon all the events of this school year with our students, school and nation and we need to hold each other close with support and understanding.  Demonstrate your strength through your example and extend grace and mercy to others.  Our differences make life remarkable, but commonality is, by far, more important.  Take the time to find commonality with others and make the season extraordinary.  



    Warmest Regards,


     James Steward Signature

    James Steward, Principal