James Steward, Principal Hidden Lake High School
  •  Dear Hidden Lake Students and Parents,

    It has been a truly remarkable and successful 2018-2019 school year for our students and staff.  We are so proud of them for all their accomplishments this year.  Students completed classes in record time, increased their overall attendance rate and participated in exciting activities and events during the year. 

    We set a new record for Hidden Lake graduates!  We had 26 students graduate early.  There were 104 graduating students cross the stage and receive their Hidden Lake High School diploma on May 24, 2019.  In this group, graduating early, were 12 Junior classmen.  In addition, we have another 26 students who will graduate this summer, increasing our total graduates to 135! 

    Reflecting on this memorable school year, we really enjoyed having parents and students come in to the school and visit with staff at our Parent Breakfasts.  It was a great opportunity for socializing, exchanging information and getting to know each other better.  Students enjoyed our annual delicious Thanksgiving Potluck, Paddle Boarding at Stanley Lake, 2019 Prom and multiple field trips including taking the light rail to downtown Denver to the Denver Public Library and Capital.  Students also had the opportunity to visit several post-secondary schools such as Emily Griffith, Front Range Community College and Red Rocks Community College.  We held several Hexter Assemblies that brought us together as a school community to celebrate “Students of the Hexter” accomplishments.

    Looking forward to August, parents will need to complete on-line registration.  Then, on August 6th and 7th, parents will come to the school between 9-12 AM or 2-4 PM to finalize registration.  The free/reduced lunch application will be online starting August 1st. This application can easily be found at summerlunchapp.com. Only one lunch application needs to be filled out per family.

    I wish all the Hidden Lake Heroes to have a safe, relaxing summer. 


    Warmest Regards,


     James Steward Signature

    James Steward, Principal