James Steward, Principal Hidden Lake High School
  • Dear Hidden Lake Families,


    Spring is coming.


    As we look forward to the spring we have testing, prom, summer planning, and graduation. All of those things are important and we support your child’s participation. I would like to take a moment to ask for your support and participation as parents in our school.

    Here is what we need:

    Ask your child about their attendance, make it important to you.

    If you need to know specifics on your child’s attendance, please call, we can help. You can call or email me and I can get that support to you.

    Ask your child how they are doing in their classes. The teachers would be happy to discuss. Please call or email.

    Discuss your child’s graduation plan. Please make it important to you and your child. Our counselor can meet and discuss with you, even over the phone. Please just call or email.

    Help your child discover careers that they may wish to explore.

    If you have any concerns please call or email.

    Please come and have breakfast when you drop your child off. Please check our website for dates.

    Parent engagement with the school is all about making it important to your child. If you ask about school and make it part of their home life, that is the best parent involvement that we can ask for. We love to see you in the school for activities, but your support at home means a great deal to us.


    As always thank you for your continued support.


     James Steward Signature

    James Steward, Principal