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     There are times that warrant a fresh look and a new approach.  That is what our first days back to school have been.  When I think back to the many years I have experienced a first week of school, every year is rewarding.  This year came with many unknowns and a true longing to see our students again.  I truly hope that this year's experience has been rewarding and safe for your child and they come home with a positive outlook. 

    As I have watched and worked with the staff to prepare for school, it is fun to see the excitement, nervousness, and desire to see the kids again.  Educators around the world know that it is the kids that keep them young; we truly look forward to working with your child.  This year came with the new unfamiliarity of what is becoming the new COVID normal.  Classrooms changed, practice changed, cohorts were defined and health safety became first and foremost in everyone’s mind.

     This fall we celebrate a new weight room for students to use and experience in the building.  Maintained with disinfectant cleaning between uses and training of the students in appropriate practice, the students are already enjoying this beautiful resource.  In addition, we will be unveiling a new mascot in the new future, look forward to see that at the school and in the district.

     Thank you for your continued and invaluable support of Hidden Lake High School and our ongoing efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of our students.


    My Best to You,


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    James Steward, Principal