Dear Families,

    Though it almost seems impossible to be true, spring is in the air! We are headed into the last three months of the school year; students are wrapping up their final classes for graduation, preparing for prom and thinking about the next steps in life.  April brings state testing and we are looking to our underclassmen to shine for our school this year.  Juniors will take the SAT on April 10th, provided free by the state of Colorado.  This assessment is the same one that many other students around the nation pay for.  Our Juniors last year came close to meeting state averages and with the work our current students are doing we look forward to see strong results.  Sophomores and Freshmen will be taking the PSAT on April 11th, the same test that many have to pay for around the nation.   We are looking toward strong results from these students as well.   All of these assessments are helpful in determining appropriate academic interventions for all and individual students.  In addition to helping us plan, students may use these assessments as part of their college enrollment.  Most importantly, Sophomores and Freshmen are required to pass the SAT in their Junior year to be eligible for graduation.  This is a new graduation requirement.  PSAT is a great practice assessment for that requirement.  As parents, you can help by insuring students get plenty of rest, eat well, and attend school each day throughout the important testing period.

    It has been a wonderful spring, and the Hidden Lake teachers continue to help our students rise to and meet the rigorous academic standards expected of each student. We continue to offer extra time and support for students needing additional help academically. Students are always encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning by taking advantage of our variable schedule that allows our teachers to offer one-on-one attention before and after school each day.  Academically struggling seniors need to take advantage of this assistance now so they are prepared to graduate in May. Every HLHS student and parent must believe that it is not too late to improve course performance. Our teachers are very good at availing themselves and assisting students to achieve. As always, please do not hesitate to contact any of our faculty or staff should you have concerns about your student. I greatly appreciate the commitment our students are making to always doing their best, and I realize it would not happen without your support.

    Thanks for all you do as parents to support Hidden Lake High School! I remind all of you to continue to take care of one another.


    James Steward


     James Steward

    Hidden Lake High School