Westminster Public Schools
     Office of Federal and State Grants

    Westminster Public School's Office of Federal and State Grants is responsible for planning, writing and monitoring district grants, which provide more than $12 million annually to support student achievement. Grants are defined as supplemental funds from an external source for a designated purpose.  Grants support all areas of K-12 education: academics, enrichment, intervention, student support services, teacher training, and some operational functions. We also provide guidance to other staff and volunteers who write grants. This department is charged with promoting partnerships with other institutions that can provide direct or indirect support to the district; for managing the district’s accountability process for grants; and for compliance with federal laws concerning grants.
    For financial questions about Westminster Public Schools grants, please contact the Grant Fiscal Management Department at 303.657.3949 or visit the Grant Fiscal Management Department online.

    Who to contact:
    Director of Federal, State & Special Grants 
     Grant Procedures 
                            Grant Procedures        


    • If a grant is not awarded, please notify Linda Kister to close the packet.
    • Grant accounts cannot be set up and/or utilized prior to the completion of the above process. 
    • Please submit the awards (checks) directly to the Grants Fiscal office. (Tammy Bruntz)
    • Contact Linda Kister ext. 5077 for grant support


    Funding for your classroom: