• Parent Involvement

    Our PTA is always looking for more parent support so please join us. We usually meet the 1st Thursday of the month from 5-6 pm at F. M. Day.  Stop by or call the office to learn more.  

    • BAAC The F.M. Day Elementary Building Accountability Advisory Committee serves as the collaborative advisory group to the principal of F.M. Day pursuant to the Educational Accountability Act of 1971 and the School Finance Act of 1988.
    • PTA The F.M. Day Elementary Parent/Teacher Association serves as a support organization for the goals of the school.
    • SSPO The Spanish Speaking Parents Organization serves as an outreach structure to Spanish speaking parents. It provides them with a way to receive information about the school and a venue to participate in discussions regarding school development. 

    Our purpose is to support the school mission by maximizing parent involvement at F.M. Day. Through the creation of a "Network" of parent organizations, parents will be able to engage with the school in a variety of capacities.

    The PTA/BAAC team will serve as an advisory body to the principal of F.M. Day relative to all school matters of public concern.  Minimally, they will address the following:

    • BAAC Adoption and monitoring of school improvement goals;
    • Periodic needs assessments;
    • Solicitation of community input;
    • Budget planning;
    • Discipline plan monitoring;
    • School and District calendar review PTO Annual fundraising;
    • Monetary support of school projects;
    • Sponsorship of special events;
    • Coordination of parent volunteers
    • SSPO Outreach to Spanish Speaking families;
    • The advisory committee is relative to the needs of English Language Learners.

    Membership/Officers The membership of the PTA/BAAC Leadership Team will be as follows:

    • BAAC Co-chair PTO President
    • SSPO Liaison

    School staff on BAAC The membership of the BAAC will strive to be as follows:

    • Parents/Guardians
    • Primary Teacher
    • Intermediate Teacher
    • ESP (classified) Employee
    • Principal
    • Other community members

    The officers of the PTA will be as follows:

    • President/Treasurer
    • Vice President
    • Secretary resident
    • Liaison/translator 

    Principal Identification of BAAC Co-chair and PTA officers will occur each spring for the following year. Identification of the SSPO Liaison and the school staff participants will occur in each fall for the current year.